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Adam & Eve Triple Erection System
Adam & Eve Triple Erection System
Adam & Eve Triple Erection System

Adam & Eve

Adam & Eve Triple Erection System

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Looking for a way to improve your orgasm and active harder erections? Experience it with the Adam & Eve Triple Erection System! This innovative sexual enhancing aid is simple in its use and powerful in its outcome. The 3 ring system works either independently or in conjunction with each other to provide you with an entirely new orgasmic experience and increase the hardness of your erection.

  • 3 Specially designed cock ring
  • Innovative design
  • Increase hardness of erection
  • Made of clear TPE
  • Extreme, intense and tight
  • Used with waterbased lube for maximum pleasure

The system includes the 3 specially designed stretchy clear thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) cock rings. Each ring has been fabricated with it’s own size which work extremely well on their own or even better with each other. The sizes are: extreme, intense and tight. One ring can be used as you would normally with a traditional cock ring. Two rings used together for even harder erections. Combine all three for the ultimate super erection! Important warning: this novelty product is intended as a sexual enhancing aid. Not intended for contraception/birth control or treatment of erection conditions. Use no more than 30 minutes at a time. Allow 60 minutes between additional uses. Do not fall asleep or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while using this product. Prolonged use without removal may result in bruising to the base or permanent injury to the penis. Consult your physician should any complications occur and discontinue use immediately.