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Card Game - Tantric Sex
Card Game - Tantric Sex
Card Game - Tantric Sex

Copulus Games

Card Game - Tantric Sex

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Copulus Embrace Card Game Tantric Sex, this card pack is designed to help couples explore the Kama Sutra and Tantric Sex and to become more connected with one another sexually.

  • Explore Kama Sutra and tantric sex
  • 50 Erotic question
  • 25 Tantalizing challenges
  • Includes a cheat sheet to help you

The pack includes 50 erotic questions and 25 tantalizing challenges about Tantric Sex. The game also incorporates a "truth and dare" component by utilizing "Your Choice" question and challenge cards. This card pack also includes a Question and Challenge Cheat Sheet to help you come up with the ultimate truth and dares.