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JO NATURALOVE Organic Strawberry Lubricant 4oz

JO Lubricants

JO NATURALOVE Organic Strawberry Lubricant 4oz

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System JO Naturalove Organic Strawberry Fields Lubricant, USDA certified NATURALOVE personal lubricant is designed to enhance the pleasures of intimacy. The pure chamomile preservative system provides the beautiful amber coloring and the organic agave offers a smooth, long lasting glide.

  • 95% Organic ingredients
  • Beautiful amber color
  • New & improved USDA formula
  • Enhance pleasure
  • Smooth, lasting glide
  • Toy friendly
  • Easy to clean

JO NATURALOVE is toy friendly, compatible with most materials and best of all, easy to clean. Have fun and play the natural way!

    Available in 1oz or 4oz