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Kama Sutra Embrace me - Erotic Play Set
Kama Sutra Embrace me - Erotic Play Set

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra Embrace me - Erotic Play Set

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The Embrace Me play set from Kama Sutra has everything you could possibly need for a sensual night of intimacy. The deluxe set includes Kama Sutra favorites, such as Oil of Love, Love Liquid, Sensual Massage Oil and Honey Dust. The fun doesn’t stop there. The set also features a feather, satin blindfold ties and 12 erotic playing cards to amp up the heat. This all-in-one play set is your one-stop shop for pleasure and makes the perfect gift for that special someone. Love Liquid: A water-based personal lubricant that makes love-making effortless. The luxurious formula provides a smooth, natural feel for enhanced pleasure. The long-lasting lubricant has a silky glide and is fragrance free. Oil of Love: A water-based kissable foreplay oil that activates a warming sensation on the skin upon light breath. Best used on erogenous zones of the body and has an included dropper for application. Aromatics Massage Oil: Kama Sutra’s skin nourishing massage oil made with essential oils and Vitamin E for an ultra-moisturizing and silky smooth feel. Honey Dust: This kissable body powder can be used anywhere on the body and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and deliciously scented. Blindfolds: The double-sided satin blindfold has a soft, silky fabric that feels luxurious on the skin. Fully adjustable, tie it behind your head for the perfect fit. Leather tassels are added for flirtation. Feather: Choose between tickling or teasing with the feather that has a plush, fluffy feather on one end and a soft, rubber tassel on the other for sensual play. Erotic Playing Cards: Twelve playing cards featuring positions, actions, questions and commands for a naughty-good-time in the bedroom. Key Features: - Embrace Me Play Set - Oil of Love - Love Liquid Lubricant - Aromatics Massage Oil - Honey Dust - Tickle and Tease Feather - 2 Sating Blindfolds - 12 Erotic Playing Cards - Makes the Perfect Gift